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Created On3/7/2013
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[HOW-TO] Installation Guide for Android Client
Installation Guide for Android Client

 1.   Open your android browser and browse to 

2. Scroll down the page to go to the Mobile Client download section. Zoom in to view it larger, or double tap the screen.


3Tap the Download for the Android Client.


4It will download the AirBoxNow apk file. You can monitor the progress from the android status bar. 

5It will say "Download complete" when it’s done. Tap it to start the installation.


6You will see this install screen. Tap on "Install".


7It show that it is installing, please wait until it finish.


8When it’s done, it will says "Application installed". Tap on the "Open" to start AirBoxNow!.


9. For some phones we have to choose an account to use. Always choose AirBoxNow! Tap on "AirBoxNow!".


10. Fill in the details. In this example we are using demo server. Tap the "Connect" button.


11. Please wait until it finish trying to login. This should take few seconds only, depending on your connection.


12. After login is successful, it will take some time for it to load the list of folder & files. It will take more times if you have lots of file      


13. When it’s done you can see the folder is listed.