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Created On3/7/2013
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[HOW-TO] Share a file using the web
How to share a file using the web:

In order to share a file using the web interface please follow these steps:

1. Hover your mouse on the file you want to share and you will see a menu appear on the right hand side. 


2. Click on the 'Share' on that menu. Once you click on the 'Share' you will see a form appears.     


3. In that form you can type the name of person in which you want to share the file with. In this example we want to share the file with Amanda and also Bill     

Note: Once you type a few characters of the person name the full name will appear and then you need to press 'Enter'.    


4. We can also specify what permissions we want to give to the person we are sharing a file with. Such as if the person can edit the file or delete the file or if the person is allowed to share the same file with somebody else or none of them. To do so hover the mouse on the person name (in this example Amanda) and you will see different options appears.


5. Click on the arrow icon to see the full options. Form these options we can specify the access permissions we want to give to the person (in this example Amanda)


Note: We can specify these permissions per user which means Bill can have different permissions on the same file.


6. Also its possible to give a user a link to download a file which we have in our AirBoxNow! Files instead of sharing that file directly with the user. To do so we need to tick 'Share with link' check box. Once we did that a link will appear in which we can copy that link and send to user using for example email.

Note that its possible to set a password for the file and in this case we also need to pass the password to the person in which we want to give the link to. Also its possible to set an expiry date for the file so that after a specific date that person can not access to the file and basically the link is not valid any more.

7. Once we share a file with a user a folder is created inside that user Files area and all the file which are shared with this person by anybody will be located there.


8. In order to know a file in Shared folder is share to you by whom , hover the mouse on the file and click on the Share, then its show the file is share with you by which person.