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Created On3/7/2013
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[HOW-TO] Integrate MailNow!5 with AirBoxNow!
How to integrating MailNow!5 with AirBoxNow!:

In order to configure AirBoxNow! for integration with MailNow!5 follow these steps:     

1. Log in to your AirBoxNow! web interface using admin credential.     
2. From the Settings menu, located at bottom left side of the page, click on "Admin".

3. Once you are in Admin settings page, scroll down the page until you reach to the LDAP configuration.  


This is where you need to enter the configuration for either MailNow!5 LDAP settings or Active Directory. The following is the explanation for the most important settings options in this page:

a) Host: Enter your MailNow!5 Server IP address or host name here.
b) Base DN: 


c) User DN:


d) User Login Filter: 


e) User List Filter: 


f) Group Filter: 

4. Next click on the Advanced tab and you should see the advanced configuration settings:

Here is the explanation for most important fields:

a) Port: 

If you are using a different port for MailNow!5 enter that port number here otherwise in most cases you don't need to change this field.

b) Base User Tree:

Enter the Base DN field which we have already configured in LDAP Basic tab here.

c) Base Group Tree: 

Enter the Base DN field once again here above.

d) Group-Member association: 
member (AD)

f) Use TLS: Make sure this checkbox is not ticked.

g) Case insensitive LDAP server: 

Make sure this checkbox is ticked.

h) Turn off SSL certificate validation: 

Make sure this checkbox is ticked.

i) User Display Name Field:


g) Email Field: 


Note: If you are using Microsoft Exchange server ,the value of this field is the same.

h) Cache Time-To-Live: 

This is the interval in which AirBoxNow! will connect to your MailNow!5 by default this value is 600 (sec).

5. After you enter all these values you can check if your configuration is correct or not by pressing "Test Configuration" button. If the configuration is correct you should be able to see:


6. Finally click on the "Save" button to save your configuration. And Now you should be able to see all users and groups in "Users" section (Settings menu).

Note: You can force an LDAP synchronization at anytime by clicking the Save button.