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Created On3/29/2013
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[HOW-TO] Installation Guide for Mac Client
Installation Guide for Mac Client

1. Browse to and click on "Download" button.

2.  After the installer has been successfully download, double click ownCloud-1.2.1.dmg and a window with the ownCloud icon opens as shown in the image below. In that window, drag the ownCloud application into the Applications folder on the right hand side.
3.  From Applications, choose ownCloud and the installation wizard will appeared. Click the Next button.

4. Here you need to input the server addressDepending on AirBoxNow! server configuration you will need to checked the "Use secure connection" or not. All AirBoxNow! hosted on need to use "Use secure connection". Then input the Username & Password. Click the "Next" button.
5. The result page will update you regarding the connection is successful or not. When you see "Successfully connected" message, your connection is good. Click the "Finish" button.

6. Go to your status bar and click on the icon as shown below. Then click on the "Open Status ".

7. It will open the "Sync Directory Status" window. Click the "Add Sync" button.

8. You will be asked which folder you would like to sync below. You also need to specify an alias which is basically friendly name for the directory. You may type the same name as the actual folder name. Click the "Next" button.
9. Input the name of "Folder on ownCloud". This will create the folder on AirBoxNow! server if it does not exist. Click the "create" button.

10. Now you will see the sync is created between your Mac device & AirBoxNow! server. You will see the green checked icon when synchronization is completed. 

Note: The blue circle icon indicates it still synchronizing.