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Created On4/19/2013
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[PROBLEM] IP Blacklisted by Anti-spam organisation
Sample of email when your IP is blacklisted




Reason:  The remote server responded with the following permanent error: 550 Rejected by Spamhaus.

The following recipients did not receive this mail:
Header of original mail and any extra error messages available are attached.

How to check your IP address assign by your ISP

Access to or or

How to check PTR record ( Reverse DNS Record )

1. Access to and key in your domain name. Hit the MX Lookup button.

2. Click on the IP address.

3. If the fixed IP address has PTR record with Internet Service Provider (ISP), the domain name of the IP address will show your respective domain.

How to remove blacklisted IP from Spamhaus

1. Click on the Blacklists as shown in image below and key in your blacklisted IP address.

2. Result will be listed, click on the Detail button. (Image below shown Spamhaus has blacklisted the IP)

3. Click on the Blacklist URL as shown in image below.

4. Click on the PBL685086 link.

Note: You must remove your blacklisted IP from XBL first then only able to remove your blacklisted IP in PBL.

5. Next, click on the Remove an IP from PBL

6. Tick on the "I have read and I have understood this page" and click on Remove IP address.

7. Fill in the information below and hit Submit button.

Note: The email you enter here must be valid because it needed to receive the verification code later on.

8. You will be prompt for the 5 digit verification code that sent to your email address you enter earlier.

9. Check your email inbox that you enter earlier and get the 5 digit verification code.

10. Enter the 5 digit verification code and you will prompt as the image below. Done!