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Created On5/28/2013
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[HOW-TO]Installation Guide for iOS Client (My WebDAV)
Installation guide for iOS client

How to configure in your iOS device

1. Access to Apple App Store and search for My WebDAV

There are a Free(with ads) and a Paid version of My WebDAV. Download the free version.

Alternatively, you can download using this link

2. Launch the app and you will see the image as below.

3. To use AirBoxNow! in My WebDAV, click on the WebDAV button and click on the " + " button as shown below.

4. Next, key in the the information as below:

Name: AirBoxNow! 
(Any name to indicate which cloud storage service)

Server URL: 
(Enter your Server Address)

Note: Add on "
/remote.php/webdav" behind your server address without quotes)

User Name: i-liu 
(Your username)

Password: ******
(Your password)

Hit Done button.

You will see it appeared as below.

Note: Only paid version will be able to add more than one server to the list.

5. After you have successfully connected to your AirBoxNow!, it will list the files in your AirBoxNow! as shown below.

How to download multiple files

1. To download multiple file or all file altogether, click on the Edit button or the double tick button as shown below.

2. Select your desire files by tapping the circle beside it. Next, hit the Green Download icon as shown in image below.

3. Next, click Confirm and the files you selected will start downloading.

4. The downloading status will appear and show its progress. 

To continue browse on other folders, in my case, click on the Shared(10) button. (It will still continue its downloading progress)
To stop the download, click on Cancel button.

5. For iPad users, the downloaded files will be listed on the left panel (File Explorer)

For iPhone users, you will need to click on the File button on the bottom right corner.

How to get latest uploaded file on My WebDAV

1. A file named Test.txt has been uploaded in AirBoxNow!

2. In order to get the latest file update, perform a swipe down gesture. 

3. After you perform a swipe down gesture, release it to refresh it. 

4. After finish loading, the latest uploaded files will be display as below.

How to get the latest modified file on My WebDAV

1. Previously, I have uploaded a Test.txt in AirBoxNow!. 

Next, I add on and modify the content of Test.txt and uploaded it to AirBoxNow! as shown in image below.

2. Do the same swipe down gesture to get the latest updated file.

3. Now, I have the latest updated file in my device. It will show the latest modified file that you uploaded to AirBoxNow!.

How to know you get the latest downloaded file in your device

1. Here is a file that I downloaded to my iPad with file size of 42.8kb on 1/6/2013 3AM.

2. So how do I know whether I have the latest updated files? Do a Swipe down gesture and refresh your files.

3. First, check the file size and date to see whether it is the latest updated file. 
Next, Hit the Download and follow by Confirm button to download the file.

4. Choose your desired option. In my case, I choose Overwrite if size differ or source newer option to check on the latest file based on latest date and file size is different.

5. You can see that the latest file has overwrite the old one based on the date and file size underlined.