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Created On10/10/2013
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[HOW TO]Mailnow5! LDAP Integration with Antispameurope

Aside from SMTP authentication, one of the authentication methods supported by Antispameurope is LDAP authentication.


In order to enable LDAP authentication, first login to Antispameurope control panel using your administrator account.


Next, from the top menu click on the “Management” tab.


From the left side panel click on your domain.



And then from the right side panel, while “Filtering” Tab is selected , look for “Relay check” and make sure “LDAP” is selected finally save this change by clicking on the “save” button which is located at the bottom of the page.

Next, from the main tab in right panel click on the “LDAP-Login”.

Tick “Activate LDAP Login” checkbox and fill in the fields as bellow:


LDAP user: The administrator username for LDAP server.


LDAP password: The password for LDAP server.


LDAP server: This is the IP addresses/hostname of the LDAP server.


LDAP port: is the LDAP server port number which by default is 389.


LDAP Base_dn: is the DN which is used by the LDAP server.


LDAP filter: Using this field, Antispameurope verifies the actual authentication, therefore setting this field is very important. This field should be set to the following value:





Finally click on the Save Button and now you should be able to login to the Antispameurope control panel using your LDAP/AD username and password.