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Created On12/18/2013
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[INFO]Antispam Europe Spam Report

AntispamEurope Spam Report

This document explains the spam reports delivered to customers about the Infomails, Spam emails and emails containing viruses caught by AntispamEurope Engine (referred to as AE thereafter).

This report will be sent to you daily via Email if there has been an Infomail, Spam email or email containing viruses filtered out by AE for each particular date.

Figure 1 below illustrates a sample spam report:

Figure 1 – Sample Spam Report

The first and second columns in the report are available options (explained below). The third column is the type of the email (i.e. Infomail, Spam or Virus). The fourth column indicates the date and time which the email was filtered out, and the fifth and sixth columns are the sender's email address and the email's subject respectively.

The report lists the types of emails filtered out in the following order (if applies): Infomails, Spam emails and Viruses. The sample spam report above contains only Infomails and Spam emails because there have been no viruses filtered out by AE on the particular date.

Different options are provided in the spam report with regards to the type of the email filtered out:

1.  Infomail

For each email detected as Infomail, you can click on the “Deliver” link in the spam report to deliver the email to your mailbox immediately (green square marked in the first row of the sample spam report).

Additionally you can click on the “Whitelist” link so that any email from that sender will not be filtered out by AE in the future (blue square marked in the first row of the sample spam report). This however, does not deliver the current email itself to your mailbox. If you want to have the sender whitelisted and have the current filtered out email in your mailbox, please click on Whitelist first, and then click on Deliver to receive the current email as well.

2.  Spam

For each email detected as Spam, you can only click on the “Deliver” link to receive the particular email in your mailbox. Emails detected as Spam cannot have their senders whitelisted.

3.  Virus

Emails detected as Virus cannot be neither delivered nor whitelisted. The only purpose of displaying this information is to inform the account owner about the emails sent and filtered out by AE.