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Created On12/22/2016
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[HOW TO] Configuring IIS
Configuring IIS for Mailnow! 6

Below are the IIS settings that need to be configured before Mailnow! 6 installation.

Please make sure Dotnet 4 and 2 both installed first.

Also, kindly take note that calendering just works Server 2008 and above ( IIS 7)

1) Go to Server Manager -> Manage -> Add Roles and Features

2) Under Server Roles, do check Web Server (IIS) -> Check Common HTTP Features, Health and Diagnostics, Performance, Security, Application Development and Management Tools
   Make sure all the components are ticked (expand the components and tick ) and untick "Webdav Publishing" as per below:

3) Click Next and then tick .NET Framework 3.5 features, .NET Framework 4.5 features and IIS Hostable Web Core as per below:

4) Click Next and install the components. Once done, you may begin Mailnow! 6 installation.