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Created On11/23/2009
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[PROBLEM] MailNow! fails to load automatically after reboot
Problem summary
Everytime, when I reboot my server, the MailNow! fails to be started automatically (eventhough the service is configured to start automatically). I have to manually start the service after logging into the server.

How to reproduct the problem

This normally happens for MailNow! which is using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend server. MailNow! requires MS SQL Server to be running to start. When you reboot the server, the Ms SQL Server has not finished loading when the MailNow! tries to start. To solve this problem, configure the MailNow! service to "depend" on the Ms SQL Server service. To do this run the following command in the DOS prompt:

sc config "mailnow! server" depend= mssqlserver

(the SC command does not exist on Windows 2000 by default. Copy it from a Windows XP PC. Its normally located under C:\Windows\System32).