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Created On11/23/2009
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[INFO] Optimum undeliverable mail setting
Applicable to V4.432 and above

If you're updating from previous version of MailNow!, in most likelihood your setting will be set to the default: "Bounce back just the header".
This is not a good setting to use nowadays:

If you're hosting by yourself, you should choose the first option ("Reject soonest possible"). This will ensure that all spam mails which are addressed to non-existant users are rejected before they enter your server. This will make sure that the responsibility of generating bounce back mails does not fall into your hands (but rather the sending server).

If you're using virtual POP3, you should choose "Forward to postmaster". This option will ensure that no bounced back mails are generated when you download mails sent to non-existant users. Instead all those mails are forwarded to the root account. Of course you need to make sure that the root account is cleared at least once a week.