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Created On11/23/2009
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[HOW-TO] Block Yahoo Messenger


The administrator would like to block users from using Yahoo Messenger


For ProxyNow! V3 and later

Enter the following into ACL as blocked

Enter the following into "proxynow.cfg" under [Transparent Proxy]


Furthermore, in the console, enable transparent proxy for SMTP protocol.

The above blocking will essentially block off access to telnet, NNTP and passive mode FTP to the Internet. If customer required such access, instruct them to use
1) Telnet: use the telnet proxy in ProxyNow! (ie, telnet to ProxyNow! IP first)
2) NNTP: create a TCPMapping
3) Passive FTP: use the FTP proxy in ProxyNow! (ie, ftp to ProxyNow! IP first)

For ProxyNow! V2

Enter the following into ACL as blocked