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Created On1/28/2010
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[HOW TO] Use keyboard shortcuts in MailNow! 5
Starting from MailNow! 5.0.74, the following keyboard shortcuts are supported:
To Press

    Delete a message Delete

    Create a new message Ctrl+N

    Send a message Ctrl+Enter

    Open a message Ctrl+Shift+O

    Print a message Ctrl+Shift+P
    Reply to a message Ctrl+R

    Reply all to a message Ctrl+Shift+R

    Forward a message Ctrl+Shift+F

    Save a draft message Ctrl+S

    Mark a message as junk Ctrl+Shift+J
    Mark a message as read Ctrl+Q
    Mark a message as unread Ctrl+U
    Move to a folder Ctrl+Shift+V     

    Open the next message Ctrl+.

    Open the previous message Ctrl+,
    Close a message Esc
    Search your e-mail messages /
    Check spelling F7
    Select all S then A

    Deselect all S then N

    Go to the in-box F then I

    Go to your Drafts folder F then D

    Go to your Sent folder F then S