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Created On4/26/2011
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[HOW TO] How to manually reset the OpenLDAP database
There are times that you may face difficulty in starting your LDAP service or publishing some of your contacts. In such cases you need to reset your LDAP server manually. Please follow the instructions:

Initially you need to stop your LDAP service, to do so go to Start Menu > Run  and enter the command services.msc. In the newly opened window, find MailNow! 5 LDAP service, right click and choose stop.

now go to your OpenLDAP installation folder (It's by default installed under "C:\Program Files\InternetNow!\OpenLDAP" location).

In OpenLDAP folder, there is a folder called "data". Remove all the files located inside data folder. Please note that the "data" folder itself should NOT be removed.

Now go back to services panel and start MailNow!5 LDAP service again.

Now login to your admin account in your mailnow and regenerate your LDAP server. LDAP Server can be accessed either under domain settings to regenerate for a specific domain or under system settings for all domains. Click on Regenerate button.

Now you should see another window and by default, you can leave the options untouched and just click on Generate (please note that we do not normally publish the personal address book, as users may have large number of addresses in their personal address book and regenerating all personal addresses for each user may require a long time):

You should see the progress bar while regenerating your LDAP contacts. This might take quite few minutes depending on the number of users you have:

Once completed, it means you have regenerated your LDAP server contacts. You're done!!