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Created On9/27/2011
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[HOW TO] Upgrade MailNow5 to latest version

WHY upgrade MailNow! 5

Equipped with new features, the latest MailNow! 5.1 has introduced several new features and addressed some of the limitations that exist in previous MailNow! version.

It is also highly advised to upgrade to this version as it can help to speed up the overall email system, has better storage engine performance and also improve the stability of the system.

Additionally, the upgrading is necessary to fix some of the known bugs. For more details, you may refer through InternetNow website.

Introduction of MailNow! 5.1

Introduction of latest MailNow! 5.0 and the history of development

HOW to Check your current MailNow! Version

Log in to Web-Admin, check under System Setting | Version. In the example below, the MailNow! Version 5.1 (or to be more exact).

HOW to upgrade same version MailNow! 5

The following summarizes procedures the steps to upgrade MailNow! Version 5 .0xx or old version 5.1xx to latest 5.1xx. The latest official MailNow! 5 version is the one published on InternetNow website.

  • Get the latest MailNow! 5 installer from InternetNow! Website. There are 2 versions of the installer:

    Compact installer without prerequisite software and virus pattern. Suitable for upgrading from existing versions of MailNow! 5. Any missing prerequisites are only downloaded when needed.

    MailNow 5.1 Minimum installer

    Or you can download the full installer. This installer contains all the prerequisite software (except Microsoft .Net) that is needed to install MailNow!. This installer is suitable if you are installing MailNow! on fresh server since you do not to separately download the prerequisite software.

    MailNow 5.1 Full installer                   

  • Uninstall current MailNow! 5 through Control Panel | Add or remove program, or for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server is under Control Panel | Programs or features. Be sure to uninstall only MailNow! 5 and not to other Prerequisites programs such as Python, .Net Framework and etc.

    NOTE: Do not worry, the uninstallation will NOT remove existing settings and email.

  • During uninstallation, the wizard will prompting the confirmation to “deactivate key”. Click “Yes” if the uninstallation is due to the migration to another machine. Click “No” if this is just the version upgrading at same machine. So that the license key can be re-use. Since we are just upgrading, click “No”.

  • The wizard will continue to uninstall MailNow! 5 until finish.

  • Normally, the uninstallation will not required system reboot unless the system request reboot to complete the uninstallation.

  • Double click MailNow5Setup.exe (installer where you downloaded for upgrading) and follow the instruction until finish.


The step to the reinstallation is as below

  • Install wizard will appear after executing MailNow5Setup.exe. Click Next.

  • The wizard will auto detect the previous installed path. However, you may double confirm it before proceed through explore to that particular folder. Then Next.

  • Click install, the wizard will automatic install MailNow! 5, check missing Prerequisites, configure IIS and configure folder permission. Note that, the upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1 required additional Prerequisites (Zope-3.4.0). However, the installer will automatic check missing prerequisites and install it.

  • Wizard will complete the installation and the WebAdmin will be automatically opened in your browser. Log in and check that the version is the latest one.