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Created On7/11/2012
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[PROBLEM] Configure Multiple SMTP mode
Below is the sample error that show "Failed to resolved mx record".

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, July 09, 2012 9:27 PM

Subject: Undeliverable mail notification (Code:1004)

The email you sent below was not delivered successfully.



xxxxx (NEW ADVA)




This mail has been attempted to be delivered too many times (6) but still failed to be delivered. We are giving up. The last attempt failed with the following error message:Failed to resolve this domain's MX records

Please follow the steps below to do simple trobleshooting

1. go to to search the mx whether ok or not, possible that the domain expired.

2. update your dns ip address to google public dns, or

3. go to command prompt | nslookup -
    set q=mx
    ( xxxx represent the domain name ENTER

4. After you have found the mx | do telnet via port 25 | possible that the port is down due to server error.

5. go to command prompt | telnet 25 ----> xxxx represent the domain name.

6. If the domain still failed, try the method below:-
    a. go to mailnow | system setting | smtp out | relaying routes | add new | key in the domain and the ip
         address that you found in | save | send test mail.


2012-07-11 10:53:40 Info Sending to the following recipients:
2012-07-11 10:53:40 Info MX:,,,
2012-07-11 10:53:40 Debug Relaying to, username: , password: xxx
2012-07-11 10:53:40 Debug R:220 ESMTP (2921afa37415413a449c263a1119393f)
2012-07-11 10:53:40 Debug S:HELO
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug R:250 Hello [],
pleased to meet you

2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug Connection to remote server opened successfully
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug S:MAIL FROM: <>
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug R:250 Sender <> OK
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug S:RCPT TO: <>
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug R:250 Recipient <> OK
2012-07-11 10:53:41 Debug S:DATA
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Debug R:354 Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Debug R:250 Ok: queued as F265B2AF8E1
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Debug S:QUIT
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Debug R:221 Goodbye, closing connection
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Debug Connection to remote server closed successfully
2012-07-11 10:53:42 Info Mail successfully delivered to