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Created On8/23/2012
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[HOW TO] Upgrade ProxyNow 5 firmware version
The following instructions show that how to upgrade ProxyNow 5 to available version.

1. Login to the admin console page, expend the "Administration" tab and go to the "Upgrade". Select any desired version want to upgrade and click the "Upgrade" button.

2. A pop up message box will appear, you can back up the current setting before the upgrade by exporting it to a XML file. After that click "Yes" button to proceed the upgrade.

3. Another pop up windows will appear and showing all the upgrade process information. DO NOT close or refresh the page until the upgrade is finished and sucessed.

4. Once the last message said that upgrade was successful, click the "Restart" button to reboot the ProxyNow 5 and it is all done.