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Created On10/29/2012
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[PROBLEM] AntispamNow! not working
We started receiving a number of complains with spam not filter with the release of version 1.353.01 of the antispam engine. This article describes how to solve this problem. Note that this problem does not apply MailNow! 5.

When the problem occurs in the normal daily log file you will see that the subject lines will say "spam=0" without any score or engine version number. E.g.

01-12-2012 09:55 SMTP SUBJECT "Communicate Well at Your Workplace (spam=0)" 0000002

If the antispam engine is working fine, the log line should be as below:

23-10-2012 19:18 SMTP SUBJECT "Communicate Well at Your Workplace (spam=0,scr=35,ver=01.353.03)" 0000001

i.e. score ("scr") and engine version ("ver") must be there.

If you are facing this issue, pls take the following actions:

So for all those customer's that's facing the problem this is the the action plan:

  1. Restart the MailNow! 4 service.
  2. Send a test mail from outside. One normal and one spam (for spam just type "viagra" as the subject and "buy viagra here" as the body).     

  3. Make sure the normal mail appears in the normal log file with score and engine number
  4. Make sure the spam mail appears in the antispam log file (i.e. the log file that starts with "AS" in the filename) with score and engine number.