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Created On12/24/2012
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[HOW TO] Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 Backup & Restore

Microsoft Sharepoint provides an option for you to backup & restore you web applications. Please follow the guide below in order to do so.

[note] You will need to use Internet Explorer to perform all this task. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other browser won’t be able to do the entire task successfully.

1.       Preparations before backup.

1.1.    Create a shared folder

[note] Microsoft Sharepoint backup to a shared folder. This is tested with shared folder on the same machine.

1.1.1. Create a folder (eg: Sharepoint_backup). Right click on the folder, and select “Sharing and Security”.

1.1.2. Check the “Share this folder” options.

1.1.3. Go to “Security” tab, and give “Everyone” permission to “Modify”.


2.       Start the Backup

2.1.    Now go to your Sharepoint Central Administration page. From left side menu, click “Operations” link.



2.2.    From the link click “Perform Backup”


2.3.    Select the web application that you want to backup. Then click the “Continue to Backup Options” link.


2.4.    In here you specify the location of the shared folder that you created earlier.

2.5.    Then you will see this page. Sharepoint will automatically refresh this page to show you the status of the backup.


2.6.    When you see the progress is “Completed”, then the backup is done.


2.7.    In the shared folder it should contains this folder & files. Now the backup is done.


3.       Preparations before Restore.

[note] You need to enable 1 Sharepoint services to be able to restore your backup.

3.1.    Click Windows Start Button and then click “Run”. (Shortcut Windows button + R). Type in “services.msc” and click OK button.


3.2.    Scroll down the services list and find “Windows SharePoint Services Administration”. Right click on it, select “Properties”.


3.3.    Select “Automatic” option for “Startup type”. Then click the “Start” button.

Now you’re ready to perform the Sharepoint backup restore.

4.       Start the Restore

4.1.    Browse back to Central Administration > Operations. Then click the “Restore from backup” link.


4.2.    Input the location of the shared folder

4.3.    Select which backup that you want to restore. And click “Continue Restore Process”


4.4.    Select which web application to restore. Click “Continue Restore Process”


4.5.    You will see this page where you need to input few details. (Refer next step)


4.6.    Input the password of the user. And change the “New database name” to a different name. (eg: WSS_Content_67d… change to WSS_Content_77d…). Click “Ok” button.

[note] Restoring to the same database name won’t work.


4.7.    You will see the status page.

4.8.    You will see the Progress as “Completed” when the backup is successfully done. Your restore is now complete.


5.       Extra step for restore.

5.1.    Should you face an error (e.g.: Error such as below)

5.2.    You might miss a step above. You need to repeat again, but before that you need to clear up the Timer Job Definitions. From “Central Administration > Operations”  page, click the “Timer job definitions” link.


5.3.    Click the Backup/Restore link.


5.4.    And click “Delete” button. And you may start the restore process again.