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Created On1/31/2013
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FTP Using Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Explorer

2. On the address toolbar, key in ftp://proxynowipaddress. For example: Then click on Go button

3. An FTP Folder error message will pop up. Click OK.

4. Then right click on the Internet Explorer blank screen

5. Go to Login As...

6. Key in the account name follow by a '@' and then the ftp server you wish to connect to. For example,

7. Key in the password for that account

8. Then click on Login button to login to the FTP server

9. If both the account name and password is correct, you should be able to connect to the FTP server


*Please make sure you can surf the Internet first before trying to FTP. For example, try access website.
*If the above steps doesn't work with your Internet Explorer, do try with your Windows Explorer (My Computer -> Address bar and then follow the steps)